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[GO] The New Sony PSP

The Sony PSP series now comes with alphabet instead of numbers. As compared to the previous PSP which are coded with 1000, 2000 and 3000, we call this new one PSP GO. They should really give a better name @@

The E3 Sony Press conference is still 2 days away but their super-weapon got leaked unexpectedly.

pspgo3 pspgo4


*16GB storage for you to store all your stuffs~
*3.8 inch screen versus the PSP-3000’s 4.3-inch screen < Smaller O
*43% lighter than the original
*Memory Stick Micro
*Bluetooth for wireless earphone << PSP fat feature comes back.

Associated News:
*Little Big Planet, Jak & Daxter, and even a new Metal Gear Solid are coming. Some games are download-only.
*Grand Turismo Mobile coming after it first appeared in 2004.
*Not sure if it has touch screen feature when closed.

My Point of view:
*I still LOVE my PSP Slim very much. [Thanks to Jason Yip]
*16Gb is nothing much for me. Unless they are making games which is bigger than my 4gb memstick.
*Screensize doesn’t matter. I still like mine. Yeah, when displayed on comp lcd screen, I can choose any size I want.
*Come to realize about it, I don’t really bring my PSP around. So, the protability design (the reduced weight) doesn’t suit me.
*Finally, the whole design. Find it quite interesting while looking at the closed image. BUT…was so shocked to see the controller is actually dragged down from the main screen. I really don’t like this style. In fact, I laughed when I saw that!! The overall psp size becomes much bigger. Owh my, the silver ring behind the psp is gone @@
*Seriously, there is something wrong with the joystick position. Its situated more to the right and you will find it weird while controlling.
*Weird thing…why sony keep on pushing out new models of psp.
*I will still buy this psp…IF only im damn rich.

YAY!! E3 2009 coming in 1 more day!!!

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