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Inner Life Of A Cell

As a bio-fanatic student, I’ve been exposed to chapter about cells for years. Undoubtedly, I am still under the influence of cell biology currently. Same chapter, same concept but with minor additional stuffs even here in degree course. Yea yea, read the whole same chapter for countless times and things about cell biology just stuck into my mind naturally.

Would like to introduce a MUST WATCH 3 mins animation for bio students. Non-bio folks may also watch this to enjoy the use computer graphic technology in Biology. I personally watched this more than 10 times over the years and finally able to share with everyone through my blog.

Cytoskeleton disamble and reasemble, protein systhesis, vesicles movement, golgi transport sacs, etc etc…

(HQ Video) INTIans may download from me through DC++ Nickname is [iAmKimochiX] Non-intians may download this from HERE.

Youtube version (not my upload)