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Hatsune Miku VN02 Mix

Hatsune Miku VN02 Mix, one of the figure that caught my curiosity and interest when she made her 1st appearance in WonderFest09, now is available for Preorder. Of course, at the 1st glance, and also few more glances, she looks really good and of course the sculpt-work is so fine especially released by MaxFactory. However, BlackRockShooter looks better than this although an average figure collector would to collect both of them XD. It would be much better if the blue-black VN01 version from projectdiva is available.

Miku Inside™ Sticker

Joosin was kind enough to sell me his lovely collection of [Miku Hatsune inside™] sticker. Erm, this little sticker which resembles those Intel ones give my desktop computer a better perspective.


There’s a whole series of anime character designs in this form of sticker but I think most of them are unavailable in the market.

You may also order it from lowyat forum for RM3.00 each~