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A whole different realm of my mind which exists totally beyond the nature and law of physics. Posts describing my my inner mind state are all here. I will only provide the 1st few sentence here and more detailed information are available in another blog.

Distortion and Time Trap X_X”

As an effect of unusual waves which passes through the earth along with the position of sun, earth, moon, solar system and the whole universe, there’re some minor distortions in my mind. As I am preparing for the possibility to be trapped in time, there will be a slow down in post updates. Well probably 1 in few days. I will be back soon and probably will update as usual to keep track of my daily life…

The time lag that will occur if I am trapped by time…

Memory Addiction!!!

synapse-neurotransmitter brainareascan

My brain is kind of naughty recently!!! It needs very high dosage of fresh data to continue its work or understanding something.
Simple explanation: I can only read something once to gain maximum knowledge and the 2nd or next few times will worsen my memories.
Read if you are planning to kill your time… Read the rest of this entry

Revealing my mind structures>>>

Based on recent research conducted towards myself in chem test 2, I found that data stored in my brain cells are unsually disintegrating. Further investigation showed that there’s something which occur in hippocampus and amygdala. I am not going into the aspect of neurotransmitter and how brain really work. Just to make things clearer, amygdala associates emotion to an object while forming memories. Hippocampus involved in solidifying memories and enhanced recalling of facts and other stuffs. Basically, the memory formation in my brain is highly specified to every single emotional association. Communication with myself involves no language as it is well presented as feelings and emotions. Read the rest of this entry

An opening to my inner mind (Problem Report)

Brain-Power I would like to say that this post is about my problem which was caused by the instability in my mind. You shoud not read much if you are not well prepared because it contains some negative thoughts that may have some psychological impact towards you.

Click the link below if you wish to read the full report:
Mind State Report 1