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Rubik’s Touch Cube

This will be the pre-release post which is scheduled to up on 1st of June. Here comes my plan to start sharing things that I see and come across around the net, or world around me. I find most of them interesting but also would like to know how you feel. Do leave comments whenever you wish to.

Read “Popular Science” Magazines just now and came across with this small advertisement about rubik on the right bottom corner. Owh yea, this whole magazine consists of all sorts of technology advertisements.

The classical puzzle is now enhanced with electronic features which let u slip your fingers off the touch-sensitive touch pads to change colour. It also designed with accelerometer detecting which sides are facing respectively. The MOST interesting fact is this box costs $150 =.=lll I will stick to the classical type which is much cheaper. Well, probably you feel better playing the classical ones because its actually physically turning.

arrr…Tissue Culture huh?


Biology lecturer mentioned about plant tissue culture yesterday which tickled my interest towards plant. It’s actually my wild imagination towards collecting a wide variety of cultured plant species. Read the rest of this entry

Homemade Stungun…

Heard physics lecturer mentioned about using transformer to produce very high voltage as part of the mechanism of stungun. I was wondering how it works and think that it is possible to make it myself. Searched around google for a few seconds and got this stuff o.O Wonder if it really works and will the shock make you faint?? Tell me if you tried it out haha.
I ported the instructions from to my blog for easier view. You may find out other stuffs there if you are interested but I don’t really look around the page.

A homemade stun gun is quite an easy hardware hack, all that is required is;

1)A disposible camera (Perferibly a Kodak one)

2)Soldering Iron Read the rest of this entry