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Flip Flap Plant

After wishing hard for Flip Flap to exist on my desk for around 2 years, it finally arrived this afternoon. Was so happy when my mum told me that she bought one for me ^^ I like anything in this world with creative design~

Flip Flap is an ideal plant for those people like me who want a plant in my room but can’t be bothered to water it from time to time. Of course, I won’t want to dirty my hands with soil in my room. Well, what you need is only source of light to shine on the mini solar battery. Then the leaf and flower will move in rhythmic motion.

It comes with detachable flower.

I prefer using the oversized beansprout-like leaf only. The whole thing makes me start my day with a smile 🙂

Looks well sitting on my speaker. Errr, I will put a tissue cultured plant (hopefully glow in dark) on my speaker in future as what I mentioned in the previous post.

Planning to get a Blue Nohohon (the head shaking one) soon~