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Yosugano Sora PSP Skin

Finally I get an awesome anime-based skin for my PSP o.O!!! In Japan, this is known as Ita PSP (痛PSP). It’s been always my dream to see something different on my PSP~ Eventually, I decided to choose Yosugano Sora to print out as the skin. She’s awesomely gorgeous to appear on my psp! This really made up my day in boosting my motivation to study for test! Click Image Below if you are interested to view more!

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More Puzzles

My life is not only puzzled with all sorts of tests, assignments, quizes, exams and much much more to solve, but there are many more puzzle toys to solve !! These toys are just like solving mystery puzzle blocks or symbols to unlock secret in some games.

Here, Neo lent me his Megaminx (12-sided rubik’s puzzle) that be bought all the way from Japan for me to solve. Hope it won’t take me forever to solve.

And this, I’m suppose to take out the string using my brain and hands instead of brute force. Its been 1 day since I tried to solve this. Hopefully this is a real puzzle but not a toy for fooling other people 😛 Find it impossible to solve haha.

When all of them come together, I wonder how can I even solve one of them. Probably just solving one can cure my math disease @@” Will start from the easiest, Pyramix =D

My Gaming Platforms :)

This is the first time I am going to post my gaming platforms in my blog. Nothing special about them actually but I love them so much and they become part of my life.
*Note: I am not showing off with whatever I have. Just would like to let you know how possible is it for me to kill the boredom in my life.

My lovely desktop computer. Bought it in April 2008. I am so satisfied with it and it’s quite a powerful computer for me. Always fulfills my gaming needs and also serve as an ideal device for me to watch animes ^^

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