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Will post up recent reviews and update about games all around the world. Besides, I will provide my personal reviews and thoughts about these games. Of course, I will compare the latest information from gaming websites like gamefaq, 1up, gamepro and others.

Fate / Unlimited Codes

Tried this 2 years back in PS2 but doesn’t attract me much. However, I’m now seriously into this game, mainly influenced by the epic graphic of currently on-going series known as Fate/Zero. Soundtrack and gameplay is good enough. It’s quite easy to get used to the flows of character moves. The only problem is severe thumb pain >_<

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Street Fighter IV

I’m an all time fan of fighting games. Picked Street Fighter IV few months back and started training with my friend Dr. Saw. Today, I still suck in this game. This is the only fighting game that I really can’t comprehend how to play =_= Always ended up getting whacked upside down…


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Yosugano Sora PSP Skin

Finally I get an awesome anime-based skin for my PSP o.O!!! In Japan, this is known as Ita PSP (痛PSP). It’s been always my dream to see something different on my PSP~ Eventually, I decided to choose Yosugano Sora to print out as the skin. She’s awesomely gorgeous to appear on my psp! This really made up my day in boosting my motivation to study for test! Click Image Below if you are interested to view more!

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Zero no Kiseki

Falcom announced PSP exclusive title, Zero no Kiseki scheduled to be released this year. Quite a good surprise for Sora no Kiseki fans as this will refresh their minds thoroughly with enriched battle elements. I’m currently playing Sora no Kiseki FC (yeah..quite slow). Click image below to view a simple post by falcom.

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Project Diva on PS3

Sega announced a whole new technology for Miku fans for them to bring her into PS3 through Project Diva PSP, displaying superb graphics and bigger screen. PSP owner with Project Diva can use a program called Dream Theater to link the PSP to PS3 then output as HQ graphic on TV to enjoy miku dance~ Click image below to see screenshots.

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Final Fantasy XIII Chibi Gallery

Was hunting for wallpapers around the net and found a user known as masquevale from Deviant Art posting up a few interesting illulstration of Final Fantasy XIII Chibi Illustration. Click image below to view this simple gallery. Visit deviant art for full resolution ^^

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Gaming in 2009

Before stepping into 2010, let us (game enthusiasts) have a look at different games statistics and Game of The Year 2009~

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Final Fantasy XIII Released!!!

Yes!’s [FF13] here on 17th 09 after waiting for ages [more than 3 years]. A game that fascinate me deep inside my gaming mind, which is far from reach due to its released platform of PS3. Click image below to see what I would like to say~

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GameReview: Bleach Soul Carnival 2 (LIVE)

[18/12 Update] Bleach Soul Carnival 2 is the best PSP game for me ^^ Due its launch on 10 Dec 09, I’ve already decided to write a LIVE review according to my daily experience throughout the game. This post is dedicated to all Bleach fans around especially those who are involved in this series of game. Click image below to enter the Soul Society!!!

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GameReview: Machinarium [PC]

Gamer like you are probably looking for latest Puzzle game as a side dish aside from your hardcore RPG games, then Machinarium is just the right choice for you. Machinarium is a game fully designed with common drawing style such as watercolour and colour pencils. You may notice visible sketches around the characters and sprites but this is how it is made to impress gamer in this electronic world. Click image below to read full review and screenshots 🙂

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