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Gadgets’ Innards

I stumbled upon some mind-blowing concept art of gadgets with fleshy innards especially game controllers in Deviant Art. Mads Peitersen, a German artist who made these all possible. Click image below if you are interested in viewing more interesting illustrations.

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Besides the fascinating invention of Artificial Eggs by China, the creation of this web, Goojje (I like to pronounce as Goojie) which resembles Google so much is one of the most shocking news for me around these days!!! Perhaps it’s Pure coincidence in creativity???


Reference: Sankaku(Age Warning!)

SnagIt 8

It’s obvious that I’m quite late in completing my top 10 selected softwares series >.< It’s true that many things are flooding my mind from academic aspect and etc, however, I’m sure I will complete this asap early of next year~

Okay, here, I would like to introduce you a supreme print screen software which 1 snap on your keyboard’s button enables you to take snapshot of whole page, active windows, selected region, etc etc. You know what to do with the image below don’t you??~

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Computer Crash

My nightmare of all time is none other than the system breakdown of my desktop PC. Well then, such unfortunate event is inevitable. It happened 3 days ago and it took 2 days to setup my whole system according to my own needs and styles. Click image below to enjoy reading my hard time in solving this system problem~

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Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

After spending a year or so in testing out a variety of antiviruses and internet security softwares, Kaspersky finally made it into my top 10 software list. Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 is the only security software which survives longest in my PC. Click image below to have a look at screenshot and reviews

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Now….introducing 2nd part of the top 10 softwares series, my favourite Keyboard Shortcut Maker software, well known as Hotkeyz. Create visually every shortcut path in your computer from control panel to task manager!!! There’s always other options to keyboard shortcut customizing, however, this is by far the best because it’s considered as one of the lightest and totally hassle free in installing and downloading. Click image below if you are interested ^^

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John’s Background Switcher

We are now floating in the last quarter of 2009 and I think it’s the right time for me to start the “rayyeow’s 2009 top 10 softwares” series. These softwares are personally recommended by me and don’t complain if it causes any problems to you and your computer.

Lets start off with John’s Background Switcher as my first post in this series. For wallpapers enthusiasts, please Click image below for more descriptions.

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Assignment Searcher…

An IT student here in INTI did all his best in creating a website which helps you students to search assignments, presentation slides and other stuffs or junks all around the net.

So called… Merlin The File Searcher << Click and try.

A web portal carrying concepts which redirects google advanced search for specific file types such as .doc, pdf n etc.

This is how you are suppose to work with google without using the web above.

*I personally don’t really use this. Tell me if you have any wonderful experience using this web 🙂

Remove Ads In Windows Live

Ever thought of removing those annoying ads that popup of nowhere and blasting sounds when you accidently hover you mouse over your windows live messenger? Well, I tried this manual way for few days and it really worked flawlessly.

*Tried in Win XP SP3 and I guess it works for Vista too.

1. Click Start

2. Click Control Panel –> Click Internet Options

From Drop Box

3. Click Security Tab –> Click Restriction Sites –> Click Sites

From Drop Box

4. Copy “” without quotes –> Paste into Add This Website To the Zone –> Click Add

From Drop Box

Everything is well done now. This block the msn ads server from entering ur windows live. You will see a white empty box display below your msn without ads. Perhaps, there’re some other plugins which totally remove even the white box.

Have a nice day chatting 🙂

Resources via imessengr

Apple iPhone?

The Apple World Wide Developer Conference 2009 (WWDC) was held on June 8 to 12. (I know I am late in posting this up >.<) Apple introduced their iPhone 3G S, Snow Leopard, Macbook Pro and Air.

Well, this post is mainly to clear our doubts about the upcoming iPhone price and features. Correct me if you notice any mistakes.

iPhone huh?

iPhone 3G S:
– Brand new 3 megapixel autofocus camera
– 7.2Mbps HSDPA
– voice control
– Built in compass with compass App
– 3-megapixel autofocus camera
– video recording
– Up to 5 hours 3G talk time, 9 hours of WiFI internet.
– 16GB of storage: $199
– 32GB version: $299
– shipping on June 19th in the US, over 80 countries will have it by August.

“Old” iPhone 3G:
– still available for $99, starting today!

iPhone OS 3.0:
– available June 17th, free for iPhone users, $9.95 for touch users
– Copy and Paste
– Landscape keyboard
– Tethering: USB or Bluetooth, Mac or PC
– Finder/Spotlight search
– HTTP streaming audio and videos
– and a bunch of other stuffs xD
Features summary from AustrianOtaku

Few more important pics from the conference.


16GB 3G S with 3MP cam available for $199 o.O

Available in 80 countries huh? Really?

Old iPhone 3G for $99. Ken told me that it’s available in Malaysia @@. Will you buy one then?

More Pics and Info at:
Danny Choo
Engadget <<Lots of images about the conference.