A Review of Last Semester in INTI

The last semester of uni life in INTI, mostly accompanied by seeming endless assignments & tests and of course unlimited experience of gaming. Click image below if you are interested to read and look more.

One of the few giants which haunts me every night, the Methods & Skills in Research. All final sem Biotech students are required to write up a research proposal and present it. Image below is my title for presentation. Trichoderma fungi was the only thing that accompanied my throughout my semester.


Current Topics in Biotechnology,….where students were demanded to create a poster for presentation along with a copy of literature-reviewed report. Well, this is at least 100X not as bad as S&M in Research. Image below is my scientific poster…


At the end of all exams that I could’ve ever imagined in my life, group of survived warriors went around INTI for photoshooting.


The grasses are really painful >_<


Of course, we will never forget about lecturers. More photos with lecturers in the album below.


Last few steps in INTI Library.


The way we leave INTI…


Hostel view of last night in INTI.


The Multi Purpose Hall.


And finally my bike that accompanied me for a long time.


Click on either image below for high-res photos collection with 100% quality or low-res in 60% quality hosted in FB.




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  1. imma sure u had a great time last semester 😀

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