The Crustacean Expedition

Went to a beach somewhere around Muar, Johore during the last mid-semester break. The obvious motives were getting my feet closer to stepping on some crustaceans life hidden in the mud while taking some photo shots. Click Image Below (1.01mb) if you wish to look at some fleshy clams.

Okay, this is the fleshy shellfish. I seriously don’t know its name. It gives the juicy look and texture….Anyway, they are completely edible and have commercial values.


A cluster-ful of them.


A bucket-ful of them…


A muddy-ful of them… This is how they appeared to be after being dug out in low-tides areas.


I’m not as professional as those 2 persons in the pic below. Getting my feet covered with mud is my current limitation.


A water stream (relatively small stream) with shells abandoned by their owners.


Tiny salt-resistant snail crawling on salty rocks…


Young babies of shellfish. Observing carefully, they are actually moving in and out o.O


It’s actually a sub-watersurface shot o.O My lens was kind of soaked…


Nothing much by a muddy beach-sky view.




This is how my feet looked like..even after flushing with sea water >_<


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