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The Crustacean Expedition

Went to a beach somewhere around Muar, Johore during the last mid-semester break. The obvious motives were getting my feet closer to stepping on some crustaceans life hidden in the mud while taking some photo shots. Click Image Below (1.01mb) if you wish to look at some fleshy clams.

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Fate / Unlimited Codes

Tried this 2 years back in PS2 but doesn’t attract me much. However, I’m now seriously into this game, mainly influenced by the epic graphic of currently on-going series known as Fate/Zero. Soundtrack and gameplay is good enough. It’s quite easy to get used to the flows of character moves. The only problem is severe thumb pain >_<

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Street Fighter IV

I’m an all time fan of fighting games. Picked Street Fighter IV few months back and started training with my friend Dr. Saw. Today, I still suck in this game. This is the only fighting game that I really can’t comprehend how to play =_= Always ended up getting whacked upside down…


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New Theme

I decided to use new theme with new sidebar layout, along with featured header. This is the only theme in wordpress that satisfy me the most since I started blogging. However, it seems like there are some font problems with this theme for windows xp.

Windows XP : IE and Safari Browser show clear font. FireFox & Opera show blur and faded font.

Windows 7 : No problem so far.


I’m Back….for Blogging…

Well err…my last active post was more than 1 year ago. Apparently, I was away from blogging due to some *not worth to mention* reasons. Anyway! I’m quite confident that I will manage this blog well starting from today… After all, it’s my last semester in INTI >_<”


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rayyeow’s Premier Collections

In order to keep sharing some interesting posts which get pushed down the blog as time passes, I decided to create this Premier Collections page. These are so called featured posts personally selected by me based on posts views, comments and feedback.

The Bioland Series:
This is a photography project which took me a month of careful observation towards environment around my house especially some tiny little things and took photos accordingly. Hopefully you are able to enjoy what I perceive in the nature~

Fungi and Mosses:
A collection of photos containing simple plant life around my house and my father’s farm.

Outdoor Anime Figure Photography:
Nagato Yuki In Wetland, a figure photography project which involves the use of fog machine in pond, jumping into pond while feeding tadpoles and fishes with my dead skin cells XD Till today, I don’t have much motivation to do such thing again >.<

My Camera Lens:
An informative post about the camera lens used by me for more than 2 years in taking macro shots!