Yosugano Sora PSP Skin

Finally I get an awesome anime-based skin for my PSP o.O!!! In Japan, this is known as Ita PSP (痛PSP). It’s been always my dream to see something different on my PSP~ Eventually, I decided to choose Yosugano Sora to print out as the skin. She’s awesomely gorgeous to appear on my psp! This really made up my day in boosting my motivation to study for test! Click Image Below if you are interested to view more!

Well, it took me quite sometime to get the exact print due to the off-scaling printed out by the laser printer in INTI. Still, I’m quite lucky to get it right in the second trial. The first trial was carried out to be black and white and second was as shown as below.


As noticed, there are two different design according to my plan. Still, I decided to stick to the swimsuit version. I got the scan from Minitokyo.

Now, lets enjoy a stream of photos freshly taken just a moment ago~



So, other than providing inspiring look on the PSP, the skin provides:-



Anti-Lipids (Oily Hands)

Well, the semi-glossy coating is of my choice. It’s also water resistant….but doesn’t protect your PSP from water!






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  1. oh wow..it looks just awsome …sora is so cute

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