My Homemade Camera Lens!!!

Well, I like macro photography or so called bokeh a lot! Used to dream about those fancy DSLR and their lenses but what I have here is a low-end digi pocket-cam, Nikon Coolpix L3 and k810i handphone~ So, I try to find out some way to at least improve my lens during the sem break. Spent quite some time dreaming, thinking and searching around the net any finally came out with a good technique for homemade macro lens. Click Image below if you are interested too ^^!

My 4-years old camera~

So! The basic concept is lens right? Some of you may have learnt it in physics about convex and concave, focal length and such. I don’t care much about calculation. I only know that convex give you smaller, more focused view and concave is the reverse. Well then, if you observe the magnifying glass you may realize your eyes are doing macro close-up view!

My aim here is to find a small convex lens, that will fit as an extension to my camera built-in lens. So, I found that binoculars come with lenses inside. Without hesitation, I bomb it into pieces leaving the inner lens alive. This is what I get!

Next up, I’m lucky to find the binoculars’ len fit my camera so well o.O Thank god. And for your case, you may find a simple lens, make it a circular cylinder to fit it in or so…such as bottle cap etc etc. Rely on your creativity please~ You can always use magnifying glasses if you want XD Manipulating of spectacle glasses give different effects too.

This is how it looks like!

Adding tissue roll gives you a homemade tube extension and your lens view becomes smaller, further focused and zoomed~

Also, for my handphone…due to its small built in lens, I searched for old analog camera and split it into pieces, extracting the lens and stick it temporary to my HP. At the same time, I modified the k810i camera firmware (I’m not sure if it works with your phone) so that I can manual control more things!

With some practices to enhance your techniques +++ addition of luck, images below are possible! Though not as good as the real DSLR!

Advise from newbie: Objects especially insects need intense flash light because they move a lot! Also, when performing close-up, a slight shake for non-stabilizer camera cause blur! Even camera with stabilizer is also troublesome~ That’s why flash is important here. If your digicam can control ISO and shutter speed, that’s much better!


Focusing on objects you want and getting the background blur is just awesome!


Advise from newbie: Slow objects like ants or static plants may not need flash in some cases. It all depends on your environment lighting etc etc. Adjusting exposure may help too.



Playing around the camera with anime figures is still my favourite!


I strongly advice you to visit for more information and technical skills to make your own simple lens~

Thanks and enjoy!


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  1. WALAO! HELP ME TO DO ONE FOR MY NIKON CAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Its like you said, its not as good as a real DSLR but its really good. I hope you get a DSLR because I would love to see what you would come with.

  3. Can sponsor me a camera? I don’t even have one T.T

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