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Happy Chinese New Year of Tiger

Everyone!!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! Wish you a prosper, healthy and lively year! Well, ¬†the¬†illustration below depicts Palmtop Tiger (Tenori Taiga) from Toradora!!! (In case you don’t know XD) suits the Year Of Tiger!!


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Winter 2010 Wonfes Highlights

Creating this post to highlight some figures from Winter 2010 Wonder Festival to keep track of my own dream again @@!! Figures from Sora no Otoshimono, Valkyrie Complex, Bakemonogatari and K-ON! caught my eyes!! Photos were taken from 2 jp websites~ I’m anticipating the next Wonfes dated in July 25th, 2010 Click Image below to view them all!

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Nendoroid Nakano Azusa

Nendoroid Azusa from K-ON! is now in my DreamFigure list!!! This nendo is the stands up among the other K-ON! due to its cuteness! I may just wish to get her on my hands some day later~ She will definitely make up my day o.O!

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ene Bio Engine

Takara Tomy company introduces a toy car which runs on Sony Bio Battery! The battery generates electricity utilizing enzymes that break down carbohydrates such as glucose~ Different Sugary Drinks produces different speeds. Click Image below to view more!

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Final Fantasy XIII Chibi Gallery

Was hunting for wallpapers around the net and found a user known as masquevale from Deviant Art posting up a few interesting illulstration of Final Fantasy XIII Chibi Illustration. Click image below to view this simple gallery. Visit deviant art for full resolution ^^

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Molecule Controlling Speed of Sperm

Biology researchers these days found out molecules that greatly influence the speed of sperm swimming towards an egg!! This may contribute in contraceptive for men or improve reproductivity~
Read more in Telegraph!!


Bad Apple – Stop Motion PV

Bad Apple madness continues when my friend sent me about another new PV update yesterday night, featuring the Stop Motion. Bad Apple creator over niconicodouga printed out around¬†6500 of images from the original Shadow Art PV and remake it into a whole new physical medium PV!, showing “behind the scene” of making this PV~ I was really shocked o.O!!! It even made appearance in CNN!!!

My Homemade Camera Lens!!!

Well, I like macro photography or so called bokeh a lot! Used to dream about those fancy DSLR and their lenses but what I have here is a low-end digi pocket-cam, Nikon Coolpix L3 and k810i handphone~ So, I try to find out some way to at least improve my lens during the sem break. Spent quite some time dreaming, thinking and searching around the net any finally came out with a good technique for homemade macro lens. Click Image below if you are interested too ^^!

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Consolidating Hiragana Memory

Was pasting my hiragana flashcard as ordered by my sensei as a compulsory homework. And so, I realized he mentioned something about his “special formula” that’s not published in any books about ways to remember hiragana characters, 46 of them… Click image below if you are trying to learn hiragana. Look for fun if you are pro already.~ Tell me if it works for you.

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