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GameReview: Scribblenauts [NDS]

Feeling desperate or sorrowful around the final exams?? (especially for people like me) Why not try out Scribblenauts which is full of unlimited possibilities? This maybe a good place for you to release your stress or whatever you may think of. Summon or create any objects …everything (not really) by scribbling in your special notebook from riding a dragon to touring around the universe with UFO, from shooting down birds to bombing the whole world with nuclear bomb @@” Oh ya, your main objective is actually solve LOTS of puzzles within this game. Click image below to view  the “EVERYTHING”.

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Now….introducing 2nd part of the top 10 softwares series, my favourite Keyboard Shortcut Maker software, well known as Hotkeyz. Create visually every shortcut path in your computer from control panel to task manager!!! There’s always other options to keyboard shortcut customizing, however, this is by far the best because it’s considered as one of the lightest and totally hassle free in installing and downloading. Click image below if you are interested ^^

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Ar Tonelico III for PS3

Ar Tonelico 3: Sekai Shuuen no Intetsu wa Shounen no Uta ga Hiku (what a long title) is coming soon on 28th of January 2010 for PS3 by GUST (T.T why not PS2), as a sequel of my favourite RPG of all time, AT2. Well then, AT3 now comes with a little more “ero-concept”?? as compared to the previous AT1 and AT2.

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C.C. Outer Ver. (Black) Gallery

Well, a post created as a continuation to my previous white C.C. gallery. This version of C.C. is wearing her Black coat from Code Geass R2. In fact, I was lucky enough to buy them in pair and display them in good pose and position on my table ^^ Click image below to view more~

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C.C. Inner Ver. (White) Gallery

Received this C.C. Figure from Code Geass R2 by Banpresto as my previous birthday present from my parents. Finally manage to spend some time to post some photos in blog ^^ It’s common sense for me to like this figure very much (I like all my collected figures) and the price is relatively cheap as compared to an average figure. Will start my review along with the photos attached.

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Superiority in Blood Donation

There was blood donation campaign in inti every semester and the current event just ended today. Blood donation campaign is almost the same everywhere in Malaysia. However, there’s is a vast difference as compared to those in Akihabara, Japan. Would like to express my thoughts even if there’re readers around~ Click Image below to view the high-tech facility there.

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PS3 vs Xbox360 in NG2

Came across this game, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 in the net which appear in both latest generation game console. Various websites contrast the differences in graphics power between these 2 versions of games. Wonder when will it come to PC o.O If I’m not mistaken, NG2 was for xbox360 last year and the sigma is for PS3 version this year…
Click image below to view the differences.

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John’s Background Switcher

We are now floating in the last quarter of 2009 and I think it’s the right time for me to start the “rayyeow’s 2009 top 10 softwares” series. These softwares are personally recommended by me and don’t complain if it causes any problems to you and your computer.

Lets start off with John’s Background Switcher as my first post in this series. For wallpapers enthusiasts, please Click image below for more descriptions.

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Replaying CHM2251

I’m back after more than a month away from blogging o.O due to some sucking life experience—

I don’t usually replay anything in my life except for some mind-stunning rpgs and fighting games. Setting games aside, the thought of retaking a whole subject in college sends the chill down my spine. Now, I’m not giving any choice but to retake the whole damn chemistry again due to oustanding failure…for 1 semester =.= Feel as if I’m replaying in a newgame+ nightmare mode~ Click on image below to read more >.<

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