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Wonfes and Stuffs~

Japan Wonder Festival, also known as Wonfes, is an annual event displaying tons of new, fresh and interesting figures~ It’s certainly otaku pocket killer. There are just so many cute and wonderful figures available in this fall…

Miku VN02, one of the figure that really caught me eyes @@

And today, K-ON girl, nendoroid Mio is available for pre-order in local stores such as here in Malaysia. I can’t wait for Yui figure and nendo to be released in December~ >.<

I like Chiaki nendoroid from Minami-ke very much!!! Certainly, will wait for this to appear XD
chiaki nendoroid

Tokyo Figure Show coming soon too. Refer for more info in

Kaspersky 2010 Ad by Jackie Chan

Recently, Kaspersky is spreading their powerful technology in shielding computers from viruses throughout the world and they are even active here in Malaysia. Kaspersky2010 will be available in upcoming PC fair and many more stuffs related to it but I don’t really care much ~ What you think about Kaspersky?

Here is a Kaspersky Ad I found in youtube by Jackie Chan. Unexpectedly, they even use an actor for their ad o.O In fact, they should use a better motorcycle =.=” Finally got to know Eugene Kaspersky is creator of this antivirus…

Back To RPG World.

I recalled I actually left RPG world for nearly 6 months, conceptually an almost miracle for people like me. Now, I’m well prepared to return to the gaming world of RPG. PS2 all well setup and room totally cleaned up ^^ Now trying to restore my memory and feelings on last save point so that I will remember what quest and missions I should do.

ps2 controller

1st Figure – Luca Truelywaath

She’s here, standing proudly on my desk…after MONTHS of wishing and dreaming. Was so happy and my life is fully motivated after I received my 1st figure ever, Luca Truelywaath from Ar Tonelico II by Max Factory. This figure is the only one released in the market and only in one batch. Luca Truelywaath is one of the Revytail, playable girl character in game who can use songs as magic power to heal and support. Really love luca so much and AT2 is my favourite game!!! Temporary feel grateful and satisfy as my 1st figure is unexpectedly good 🙂

Basic Review:
*The overall quality is very good, highly detailed sculpting and came with appropriate colour as compared to the in-game illustration.
*A very gorgeous pose (challenging gravity) but she came with a metal pole which took 1st timer like me ages to fix her up.
*The downside is, her face does not look so alike as in-game which disappoint me a few millimeters into my heart. However, changing viewpoint results in much better result.

Look! She’s absolutely attractive in the photo below.

Pink background technique used~ Seriously, flash effect or pink is better eh?


CLICK to see more photos ^^

Miku Inside™ Sticker

Joosin was kind enough to sell me his lovely collection of [Miku Hatsune inside™] sticker. Erm, this little sticker which resembles those Intel ones give my desktop computer a better perspective.


There’s a whole series of anime character designs in this form of sticker but I think most of them are unavailable in the market.

You may also order it from lowyat forum for RM3.00 each~

Lelouch Zero’s Mask

Code geass is indeed very interesting and way beyond my expectation. Despite the fact that I am actually hoping to collect code geass figures, I also wish to have a self-made Zero’s mask!!!

In fact, HeadSketchOnly in deviant art spent few weeks to make this mask/helm. I wish I can wear it to some sort of anime events such as upcoming GACC hehe.

Zero Mask

Mio Nendoroid and Figure!!!

One of the best 13 episodes anime this fall, K-ON! with its figure coming to otakus world very soon. As expected, figures developer choose to make Mio, typically an attractive with most fans. I still like Yui more >.<

1/8 scale Mio will be produced by Alter. Both nendoroid and figure are expected to appear in upcoming WonderFest Summer 2009.

Well, it’s hard to say about the percentage I’m going to buy this figure. Probably will wait for other releases ¬
Mio Figure & Nendoroid

Info via Danny Choo.

Game Review: Prototype [PC]

[Note: This post contains spoilers of the in-game story]


Prototype, one of the best game I’ve ever played and game that I played the most in June 09. While playing in PC, this game is also available in Xbox360 and PS3.

You are playing as Alex Mercer, a person infected by somekind of special virus and miraculously developed different kinds of super abilities. You will attain super speed, strength, near-immortal body (beginning of the game), ability to control genes expression in changing parts of your body into blades, other weapons and also armors.

So, what now? Let’s go all the way out roaming around the New York City and taking down a whole army with both of your hands. Also, no worries about ripping off civilians’ body into half or pieces anytime you want. You kill, you consume, you become. Tear off humans and infected bodies around to absorb their memory. Besides, you can transform into soldier or any other civilians, hiding your real identity when escaping or entering enemies’ base. Problem finding things to release your stress? You should give a try to this game and unleash your killing desires if you have any XD.

Of course, the game does come with some flaws. As you are proceeding in game, you may notice some repetitive buildings and vehicles. The most obvious part is you may notice huge number of taxis scattering around the same road. Another thing that you will definitely notice is there are only very few human designs. Most of them are completely cloned from each other and has low resolution leading to somekinda of box effects. Nevertheless, the buildings are also not built in detailed form. Instead, you will feel like running an empty building made up of cardboards~

Trust me, forget about those repititive stuffs and concentrate in killing and completing the missions although some are really suck. The overall score I give will be 8.5/10.

Fearing of yourself for killing too much?

Owwhhh, here you go, slicing soldier into half within a glimpse.


This special skill pierces through everyone’s body, killing any existence in vicinity.


Absolutely one of the best pose in game ^^


Assignment Searcher…

An IT student here in INTI did all his best in creating a website which helps you students to search assignments, presentation slides and other stuffs or junks all around the net.

So called… Merlin The File Searcher << Click and try.

A web portal carrying concepts which redirects google advanced search for specific file types such as .doc, pdf n etc.

This is how you are suppose to work with google without using the web above.

*I personally don’t really use this. Tell me if you have any wonderful experience using this web 🙂

Fogging – The War Aftermath In INTI

INTI management authorities like to carry out FOGGING due to the very common disease here, dengue << I spell correctly eh?

Those guys who were involved in frequent fogging usually equipped with their armors, riding their vehicles and stopped by each block except for those air-conds one. Without notifying the civilians (we students), they start entering the block and launch an all out attack with their tank-buster guns as if we were infected zombies.

Instead of lasers, they used “Killer Smokes“. Their recent smoke weapons were upgraded to 100X concentration which even dissolve in water. They are actually aiming to kill both insects and civilians!!

Mosquitoes and other insects were shot down 1 by 1 and at the same time, you can observe civilians are running for life from their rooms, scattering around Halls of Residence, wandering around…