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[GO] The New Sony PSP

The Sony PSP series now comes with alphabet instead of numbers. As compared to the previous PSP which are coded with 1000, 2000 and 3000, we call this new one PSP GO. They should really give a better name @@

The E3 Sony Press conference is still 2 days away but their super-weapon got leaked unexpectedly.

pspgo3 pspgo4


*16GB storage for you to store all your stuffs~
*3.8 inch screen versus the PSP-3000’s 4.3-inch screen < Smaller O
*43% lighter than the original
*Memory Stick Micro
*Bluetooth for wireless earphone << PSP fat feature comes back.

Associated News:
*Little Big Planet, Jak & Daxter, and even a new Metal Gear Solid are coming. Some games are download-only.
*Grand Turismo Mobile coming after it first appeared in 2004.
*Not sure if it has touch screen feature when closed.

My Point of view:
*I still LOVE my PSP Slim very much. [Thanks to Jason Yip]
*16Gb is nothing much for me. Unless they are making games which is bigger than my 4gb memstick.
*Screensize doesn’t matter. I still like mine. Yeah, when displayed on comp lcd screen, I can choose any size I want.
*Come to realize about it, I don’t really bring my PSP around. So, the protability design (the reduced weight) doesn’t suit me.
*Finally, the whole design. Find it quite interesting while looking at the closed image. BUT…was so shocked to see the controller is actually dragged down from the main screen. I really don’t like this style. In fact, I laughed when I saw that!! The overall psp size becomes much bigger. Owh my, the silver ring behind the psp is gone @@
*Seriously, there is something wrong with the joystick position. Its situated more to the right and you will find it weird while controlling.
*Weird thing…why sony keep on pushing out new models of psp.
*I will still buy this psp…IF only im damn rich.

YAY!! E3 2009 coming in 1 more day!!!

More at Danny Choo and Gamespot.

Rubik’s Touch Cube

This will be the pre-release post which is scheduled to up on 1st of June. Here comes my plan to start sharing things that I see and come across around the net, or world around me. I find most of them interesting but also would like to know how you feel. Do leave comments whenever you wish to.

Read “Popular Science” Magazines just now and came across with this small advertisement about rubik on the right bottom corner. Owh yea, this whole magazine consists of all sorts of technology advertisements.

The classical puzzle is now enhanced with electronic features which let u slip your fingers off the touch-sensitive touch pads to change colour. It also designed with accelerometer detecting which sides are facing respectively. The MOST interesting fact is this box costs $150 =.=lll I will stick to the classical type which is much cheaper. Well, probably you feel better playing the classical ones because its actually physically turning.

My 1st youtube video

Finally got motivated to upload my 1st real youtube video. Feel happy to find out the easiest way to capture my PSP gameplay with in-game sound 🙂 Probably more videos coming to my blog soon eh?~~~

Of course, I recorded my favourite game ^^

Game Review – Bleach Heat The Soul 6 [PSP]

Waited this game for few moons and I finally managed to get my hands on it 2 weeks ago. Really happy to get the Asia(Traditional Chinese) version. At least, I can understand almost everything except for some weird descriptions on the soul code. Yeah, it’s kind of late for me to write this review. This is mainly due to continuous play of HTS6 to unlock all the characters and etc. Nevertheless, it takes time to select special screenshots below out of thousands of images.

Bleach HTS6 is an obvious sucessor of the HTS5. Certainly, it has the most complete characters roster among all bleach games. Even more than the Wii Versus Crusade!! The game comes with around 74 characters for you to unlock. Of course, the so called 74 is actually counting in alternate character forms such as Bankai. Something that disappoint me quite much is there’s not much improvement in Ulquoirra and lack of few expected characters. Characters like Ulq, Aizen and Shinji really lack of fresh skills. They are pretty much the same as the past.

Ever have dejavu about all the previous Bleach stories?? The whole game comes with full story mode from Ichigo 1st encounter with Renji till Ulquoirra vs Ichigo!!(Sadly, Ulq didn’t release his form here) Something more interesting is they inserted Halibel vs. Hitsugata after you finished the main story. Such scene is of course far more advance than the story in anime.

The gameplay improved a lot. A more intense gameplay is implanted throughout the fight especially with friends…causes you to subconsiously shout “BANKAI“. <<that’s what I did. Besides, the seperation between Single and Tag Battle no longer exist. Now, you can pound your friend’s tag characters with single one. Reiatsu bar is capped at the 2nd bar and you may say WTF initially. However, the fun part comes when you shout out Bankai by pressing L1 and R1 for the 1st time. A sudden surge of power flow into your blood and you may realize WOW why everything becomes so fast??!! Here it comes, the practically infinite combo and unlimited Ougi for a period of time until the whole reiatsu bar is replenished. Even in normal reiatsu mode, you can perform much complex combo by pressing R1 for soul break which causes no delay after performing a full series of combo. Then, another special ougi by pressing [] and O are also available. Furthermore, there’s an infinite combination of soul code obtained through the champion mode, which customizes many soul option to boost up your power during gameplay.

This game is really SUFFICIENT for great Bleach fans (Yes! I am) who owns PSP. You will never regret playing it. Probably you will even think of it when walking to classes under the HOT days…

All my special collection of screenshot for characters who perform skills through:-
*New costume
*Skills which can’t be performed previously in single mode using [] X.
*All the new [] O skills
*You may also request for your favourite characters performance 🙂

Main Interface:

Menu consisting Story, Championship, Versus, Wifi Battle, Soul Code Modification, Appendix and Settings.


Exclusive shots:
Ichigo charging black reiatsu for the new spiral getsuga tensho.

Ichigo vs. Ulquoirra.

Byakuya activating Goukei, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi confusing Zommari’s eyes and eventually make him scatter into pieces.

Halibel last slash on Hitsugaya after casting her “shark fins” skills.

Kenpachi two handed skill, Kendo, a special gift for Nnoitora.

Nnoitora released form Santa Teresa casting his ougi, spinning like helicopter initially and release cero. Images embedded below.

Hitsugaya casting Sennen Hyoro on Luppi, sending him to Icicle heaven~~~

Neliel Tu “Declare” form, releasing Lanzador Verde emerging to pierce through Nnoitora’s Hiero.


Kicking Off Dusties

This will be the 1st and ever post about my room cleaning(probably yea) because I’m actually repeating this in few weeks time. How often do you clean your room? I sweep the floor every 3 weeks o.O

Spent few hours to maintain my room so that it’s clean and tidy thus serving as an ideal place for study and gaming purposes.

Wires growing from the top of desk till the floor. Wires are favourable location for Dusties to grow and live together. Spent quite some time to get rid of those Dusties families.


When it comes to games, here it is…full collection of e-games dvds etc etc. My game collection is far more than books. 99% of them are sponsored by friends 🙂 Cleaning them up eats my time though.

The MUST CLEAN category. I wash my keyboard with water every few months (waterproof keyboard for only RM10+). For now, I wiped the keyboards and other vital controllers. I don’t like to stain my hands with dusts when playing games.

The worst part. Last semsters stuffs are on top of the book box. Throw all away without thinking of recycling to get rid of my black memories in the past.

Finally, this will continue till the night. Computer files sorting and rearrangement. Yea…more than 6 partitions, each has very individual functions and roles. Very important to increase my efficiency while working with the computer.

Inner Life Of A Cell

As a bio-fanatic student, I’ve been exposed to chapter about cells for years. Undoubtedly, I am still under the influence of cell biology currently. Same chapter, same concept but with minor additional stuffs even here in degree course. Yea yea, read the whole same chapter for countless times and things about cell biology just stuck into my mind naturally.

Would like to introduce a MUST WATCH 3 mins animation for bio students. Non-bio folks may also watch this to enjoy the use computer graphic technology in Biology. I personally watched this more than 10 times over the years and finally able to share with everyone through my blog.

Cytoskeleton disamble and reasemble, protein systhesis, vesicles movement, golgi transport sacs, etc etc…

(HQ Video) INTIans may download from me through DC++ Nickname is [iAmKimochiX] Non-intians may download this from HERE.

Youtube version (not my upload)

E3 2009


There it is, E3 2009 is coming in 8 more days. This biggest gaming event will be held at the same place as last year, Los Angeles Convention Center. We are expecting continous stream of press conference from game developers. They will be revealing many top secrets in upcoming games and new teaser trailers should be out too. Nevertheless, we are also anticipating the release date for those games.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, is an annual trade show for the computer and video games industry presented by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). It is used by many video game developers to show off their upcoming games and game-related hardware.

Really can’t wait for this 😛 “Attended” E3 2008 last year and the 1st thing I saw was the interview with Sonic Unleashed developer. There are few more games such as Bionic Commander. Would like to watch those pro developers being interviewed by gamespot. Hmm.. June 1 is Monday, wonder if I can watch it in live. It usually started at 2am+ or so. Well, feel free to ask me more stuffs about games after E3. This year, I am waiting for Sony to talk more about their FFXIII.

More info in gamespot

Visor Vizard

Yesterday, Technical English (UCC) lect. mentioned about the word VISOR. This word is very new for me but you may heard of it long time ago.

Suddenly, Vizard concept from Bleach pop up in my brain. Yea, this is a type of study – anime linkage. Looks Like Tite Kubo(bleach manga writer) use the name Vizard for Shinigami with Mask from the word Visor eh?

Visor – transparent front of helmet: a hinged front part of a helmet, made of transparent or tinted plastic and designed to protect the face or eyes, especially on helmets worn by motorcyclists or welders.

So…this is it. Give you an idea of what appeared in my brain at instance.

Top Image shows a welder’s Visor. Bottom Image featuring Hirako Shinji in his Vizard form. This mask looks more like a Visor as compared to Ichigo’s. Well, probably Kensei’s mask looks much alike haha.

When in so called full Vizard form, it resembles the top image of heat-proof suit[Defense X1000] XD There goes Ichigo ripping Ulquoirra’s hand apart.
Hollow Ichigo Image from

INTI Street Party VII~

[All images are available at higher resolution such as 1200X800]
Went to the street party with whole gang from CFES and some fresh-new friends yesterday. Thanks a lot to KEN PUN who’s willing to supply me his photos for blogging ^^ You may view some similar photos and few additional ones in his BLOG.

There will be a street party once a year. This is the 1st time I spent so much time with friends there. Usually, I will just hide in my room. Well…that’s the power of persuasions from friends.

Artistic painting across the street showing the theme of this party.
Street party 131 [Desktop Resolution]

Thousands of intians raiding the hostel street over the night till 12am++
Street party 200 [Desktop Resolution]

The hostel areas are blasted with HUGE music and dancers are expressing their skills…
Street party 144 [Desktop Resolution]

Red crackers.
Street party 104 [Desktop Resolution]


The Pyramid Puzzle

Went to a comic store with Neo yesterday. This is what we found, the Rubik’s Pyramid. It costs RM16.90 which is defined as cheap by him. Well, theres another Rubik’s 360 but it’s RM22 @@” So, he bought it without thinking much as he said that what he bought in Japan was RM7X although it has better quality.

Made in China…At least better than those cube i bought at 1.20 ringgit. Wonder if you can buy it at much CHEAPER price? Tell me please if you do.


Neo is the 1st Real person [not those in TV or youtube] in my life who can solve a 3X3 Rubik’s cube in 1 min. Well, his friend demonstrated at faster speed of 40seconds o.O Me, Raymond Yeow will take forever to solve one.


Neo said this pyramid one is MUCH easier. I still can’t figure out how to solve this although he taught me several times!!!