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Tips and Tricks – Presentation Slides

Decided to insert this post as I received few requests from friends about how to download flv files from youtube and embed a movie into powerpoint, etc. etc.
[Important Update!!!!!!!!!!]
Proceed to read if you are interested

Picasa 3: A new partner

Thanks to Ken Pun, the guy who introduced an awesome Picture Viewer known as Picasa 3. I wonder if there are better p.viewers around. Please leave comment when you found one.
My desktop looks more alive when working with picasa and I set it as primary pic viewer for all photos =)
I use picasa mainly for picture viewing but there are some other features such as orgainzing photos and uploading photos.

yeah!! 1/8 scale Nagato Yuki figure produced by Alter from the anime Melancholy Of SH.
Viewing the pics create a semi-transparent interface above everything on your desktop and a whole series of image under a folder is displayed as thumbnails down there. I can also zoom the pics using the mouse scroll and drag it around the screen. Everything works smoothly under my mouse but ACDsee is better in viewing manga I guess.
Snapping the ESC button closes the program in a glimpse with minimizing effect O.o
An ideal software for viewing anime figures and create instant screen saver in full screen mode which displays every pics in slideshow ^^
What an interesting life I have hehe.

<Click to download Picasa3>

LeFT hand RigHT hand

[Talking about using left hand to control mouse]
Recently, I realised that I may be living with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome these few months as there are slight pains in my hands. I’m sure that my case is related to excessive use of computer daily. CTS or other types of Repititive Strain Injuries is caused by the compression of the median nerve in the carpal tunnel, which is in your wrist, due to various reasons. One of the main reasons is the use of wrists and hands a lot especially in repetitive tasks. Read more about CTS here>>


After much analysis about myself, I found out that I am usually typing at more than 80WPM which exposed me to higher possiblity of CTS. Well, I am pressing my hands too hard I guess.
Next, I abusively used my right hands for mouse activities especially in RPG games and “Internet Farming”, not to forgot about Playstation gaming recently.
There are also research shown that continuous mental stress lead to these symptoms.

Few ways to overcome CTS sugested by the net and my own experience. Read More»

Left 4 Dead Crash Issue Solved!!!!!!!!!

Well, thanks a million to one of my best friend Zhen Yang, who suggested the best solution in the comment section (Kick The Zombies’ Ass) to prevent L4D from crashing randomly in game ^_^ This basically applicable to all core2duo and above users.

Click Option–> Video–> Advanced Settings–> Multicore Rendering–> Disabled


Image guide below:

Surrounds by Fun & Games =)

[Specially designed for electronic game enthusiasts]
Lets have a quick view or summary about games I received this around this month ^^ I will start more posts about my favourite games later as I recalled I only had 2 posts concerning games =_= In fact, my life is well immersed in the gaming world and there are so many games released monthly that motivated me to study hehe.

»»The Last Remnant [PC]:
Highly anticipated game by Square Enix. A port from Xbox360 to PC, great game with crispy graphic which pushes my GPU to its limit (Heating up to 68°C).

More recent games»

AT2 Deskpaper

For those who had read my post about Ar Tonelico II, I mentioned that I printed my favourite wallpaper. Finally, get it sticked onto my desk with lamination and there’s a fold on the top right edge but it’s hardly noticeable (Calling it a deskpaper in my own term). Yeah~ Luca exists all the time in my room with her cute eyes even when I’m sleeping 😛 Wonder if I will dream about her haha…


Elegant Printing shop…

[I’m not promoting something here~~~]
RICOH currently known as the most sophisticated and newest printing shop in INTI since last month I guess.
There’s nothing much actually except for 2 LCD displays hanging up there. I don’t even bother to see what was displayed. I guess they put explanation on how printer works? Don’t really know why either.

*Top up at least RM10 to print. (My friend said it will be a waste if he leave INTI nxt sem. Wonder how they manage such thing)
*Insert your pendrive into any comp labs. Pretty lame because you need to sign in your ID through user everytime you want to print something.
*Type in your PIN code on the machine to receive your prints.
*Call the technician if you encounter any complication @_@”
*Free scanning service but you still need the technician’s help and transfer the scanned files into your PD. (Watercolour artworks are not allowed =.=ll Will negotiate with them again.)
*WARNING! You may accidently print everything in colour especially when using the colour machine.

-Although you can save 3cents as compared to printing in the older printing shop, but according to survey, most of my friends don’t want to go through so many steps and crack their head just to print out a paper.
-Why am I using it?? It’s basically for colour printing which is 20cents cheaper than the other. Also having fun typing the PIN on some kinda touchscreen#
-Tried some photocopy but my friends still prefer fast and easy service at another shop as their price are the same.

Look at the objectives below. Hmmmm, I don’t really find out anything special about the tech. Well, probably learning how to use a photocopy machine?
e-Resource Centre

Leak leak memory…

Would like to post about memory leak in my computer which caused frustation. So, what actually is memory leak? It occurs when a program which is closed but retain its memory in the RAM, causing an overall decrease in computer performance. Experienced this badly when I was skipping here and there through an anime using Media Player Classic.
What I did to solve this problem? instead of restarting my computer…
tuneuplogo TuneUp Utilities >> Increase Performance >> TU Memory Optimizer >> Manual Optimization >> Clear Now!!!
Your comp will automatically reload everything into memory and everything will be fast soon after.


*Tuneup Utilities 2009 is also very efficient in maintaing your computer performance 🙂

Distortion and Time Trap X_X”

As an effect of unusual waves which passes through the earth along with the position of sun, earth, moon, solar system and the whole universe, there’re some minor distortions in my mind. As I am preparing for the possibility to be trapped in time, there will be a slow down in post updates. Well probably 1 in few days. I will be back soon and probably will update as usual to keep track of my daily life…

The time lag that will occur if I am trapped by time…

Why Wordpress?? Part 2…

As an important add-on to the previous post, it’s important to tell you that the blogstats really caught my eyes especially on the referrer links. From there, I am actually able to look at which blog or websites are linked to mine.
Now, lets have a look at the true fun about my experiment for few weeks. There’s something called Akismet antispam in wordpress which kicks those robot spammer butts from time to time. Wondered if it really works initially. And here it comes….Akismet blocked 6 spam comments.

I was wondering if I should approve the 1st spam comment about my blog is great. However, I chose to trust Akismet as I didn’t know who was that person and there’s a kind of ad-type links under his name(i doubt whether my blog is really that great too). Finally, a week later, those spambots are so “kind” to leave few more comments in my blog hehe…